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Asahi Engineering Co.,Ltd.
High Pressure Water Jetting , 
Video Camera Pipe Inspections, and Line Locations
@Asahi Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  2-27-13, Narusedai, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-0043 Japan  

TEL (81)-42-727-0685@FAX (81)-42-724-5251
2423-211, Nara-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 227-0036 Japan 

TEL (81)-45-962-7251@ FAX(81)-45-962-1335
@Katsuya Hasegawa
ResidencialA@Commercial drain Cleaning
High Pressure Water Jetting ,
Video Camera Pipe Inspections@@@Line Locations.
Maintenance of Sewage and drainage systems
Water tank cleaning
High Pressure Water Jet CarA@High Pressure Water Jet EquipmentA@
Fiberscope Camera    
Fast Revolution CleaneriMortar RemoverjA@@Handy RodderA@sludge suction tanker@
Flexible RodderA A-3@ASpartan Cleaner